"United Animals" @UNO City Vienna


I call this exhibition “United Animals” in order to focus on the plight of the animals and out planet earth. The destruction and thus subsequent extinction of races affects every person around the whole world, not just a single man or woman or country or continent.




Because of climate change, droughts, famine and other disasters, most of time created by humans, the natural habitat of each living being is being reduced. Poachers and over-fishing are not only drastically reducing biodiversity but also slowly but surely leading to the extinction of food sources and thus of animals. As a result, human kind also suffers. This is like the domino effect, where once even one stone is knocked down a multitude of others are overturned as a result.




Only together can we bring a change in order to save the environment and our planet. It is our duty and privilege to leave a beautiful planet to the next generations, so that future children will still be able to see animals in real life and not only on film.




Protecting animals and biodiversity is everybody's duty across the whole world.




I love animals and therefore to show their multitude I have used different styles to portray from different angles. The saying of “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” is quite true here. It is up to the observer to assess whether my art work supports my message.




The name of this picture is “Royals”. 70% of the emperor penguins are endangered due to global warming. Especially their breeding area is threatened, because the fish for them is decreasing.




This painting is called “Let me live”. This refers to the last white male rhino, a subspecies of the rhino species. It is due to poachers that this kind of rhino has died.




The painting “Mother love” shows a polar bear and her two cups. The polar bear is the second largest predator. However, due to global warming, the animal's natural habitat is shrinking as are the numbers of its food source.




Owls are also an endangered species. Humans have destroyed their natural habitat, as they have been cutting down forests.




The similar situation can be found for chimpanzees.




Wolfs have been hunted down by humans for centuries. As a result, their numbers have declined so strongly that in many countries the animal has been put on the list of endangered species.




I do hope that people will wake up in time and change their opinion on how they treat our beautiful planet before it is too late.